Final Project

For my final project I decided to continue with my Dorothea Lange sketch. I asked my cousin to be my model. I tried to recreate some of the poses found on google, but only a few came out successful, I really like the end result of this project  and will definitely continue to take more pictures in this style.

Mopa Visit

The virtual visit to Mopa was not the same as an actual visit. I was a bit confused as to where the actual exhibitions were. Although this is not the same experience as a real visit, I thought this was a nice gesture for the people to continue looking at art even in times like these. One of my favorite pieces I saw was La Nina y La Bestia which translate to the girl and the beast. What is happening in the piece is odd. A girl, who seems to be comforting a tiger.

Robert Mapplethorpe

This week we watched a documentary about the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, I thought how he didn’t practice photography when he was young was kinda weird considering that he is known for it. One thing I enjoyed about him was the normalization of nude photography and how he was truthful about using people to get famous.

Sally Mann

For class we watched a documentary on Sally Mann, who is a famous photographer. She mostly known for her portraits of her three children in a very vulnerable way. I have seen her work before and I think the concept of it is amazing, but taking pictures of her kids is a bit weird. She talks about the constant backlash of her work  and says the people describe her work as child porn. I thought how she use an eight by ten camera view was pretty cool.




This is a picture of my mom’s eyes and this is her wrinkle story. She has gone through many tragedies herself such as dealing with the emotional distance with her two boys, losing a husband, and surviving the Vietnam war. Although she puts on a happy smile, I know my mom has gone through a lot. After giving birth to two boys she was forced to work in order to provide. With her work schedule, she wasn’t able to take care of her kids. So she made a tough decision and asked for her mother in law to take care of the kids. She eventually grew distant from them. Missing birthday parties to school promotions. She has gone through many upsetting events and her wrinkles shows her experience and drive to move on.

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